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A brief introduction of Tauheed Educational Trust (TET)

Tauheed Educational Trust (TET) is a distinguished academic and charitable institution of the North East India Kishanganj, Bihar. TET is moving towards its destination very amicably from last ten years. TET has great achievements in educational awareness in large scale and it has provided both the contemporary and the religious education to the people. TET served especially to the poor, needy and orphan children of the society to uplift their standard by providing them with free education and boarding. TET runs many educational institutions in various fields as follows. For religious education, Jamia tul Imam al Bukhari for boys and Jamia Aisha al islamia for girls. To memorize the holy Qur’an, Madarasa Usman and Madarasa Hafsa li tahfeezil Quran al Kareem. For Contemporary / Modern education, Abdul Mateen Salafi (AMS) International School (CBSE). For Technical Education, Tauheed Institute of Engineering and Technology (ITI College). For orphan children, Darul Aitaam. Computer courses with the latest infrastructure is setup in all our institutions. The certificate issued by our institutions (Jamia tul Imam al Bukhari and Jamia Ayisha al islamia) are recognized and accepted by the following famous universities of India and abroad. Such as Jamia Millia Islamia, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Maulana Mazharul Haq Arabic & Persian University, Bihar State Madarasa Education Board, Islamic University of Madina Munawwarah, Jamiatul Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University, Al-Qassim University and University of Ummul Qura etc. This educational garden was planted by Late Shaikh Abdul Mateen Abdul Rahman Salafi (rahimahullah). He was the founder and former president of Tauheed Educational Trust. Now TET is managed by his son Shaikh Muti ur Rahman (hafizahullah) and he is the current chairman of Tauheed Educational Trust by the grace of Allah (SWT).

The departments and the branches of Tauheed Educational Trust In a glance:

Tauheed Educational Trust has its 42+ educational branches spread all over the North Eastern States of India Bihar and West Bengal in which 5000+ (Boys and Girls) students are studying by the grace of Allah SWT which are served by more than 100 teachers and scholars for teaching and training.
Besides the above mentioned branches, the Trust has the following very famous and active institutions in the field of Education.

  1. Jamia tul Imam al Bukhari (for Boys)
  2. Jamia Ayisha al Islamia (for Girls)
  3. Madarasa Usman li tahfeezil Qurán
  4. Mahad Hafsa li tahfeezil Qurán
  5. Abdul Mateen Salafi (AMS) International School
  6. Center for Call and Guidance
  7. Center for Agriculture and Gardening
  8. Center for Public Welfare
  9. Tauheed Charitable Dispensary
  10. Imam Muhammad Nasiruddin Al Baani Center for Research, Translation, Compilation and Iftaah.
  11. Tauheed Institute of Engineering and Technology (ITI College)
  12. Tauheed Ideal Academy (Boarding School)

Introduction of Key Areas of Tauheed Educational Trust

Since we have a strong desire and wish from the beginning to establish a model and well organized organization under which we can perform multi-purpose community and social welfare works through several departments. A high level supervisory committee was formed to mentor and monitor all the educational and training institutions so that the management of the individual institute can perform their administrative and educational responsibilities well. So, the “Tauheed Educational Trust (TET)” was formed as a high level supervisory committee and registered with the Govt. of India under which all educational institutions and their branches are managed under one umbrella. At this moment more than 5000 students (boys and girls separately) are getting their education from the following institutions and their branches by the grace of Allah SWT. And 100+ teachers and scholars dedicated their life in teaching and training.


Initially it was founded in the name of Mahadul Uloom al Islamia in 1408H or 1988CE in which the education was started with 10-12 students in 2-3 temporary rooms built for it. And then it was extended regularly as per the increase in students and the educational requirements. Then it was named as “Jamia tul Imam al Bukhari”. Alhmadulillah, more than 700 students (boys) are studying in it now and 25 teachers and staff are employed in it. By the grace of Allah SWT this year (2017), 40 students have successfully completed their Fazeelath and graduated from Jamia tul Imam al Bukhari.


Jamia Ayisha al Islamia was founded in 1992 to provide the good quality contemporary (Modern) education and Islamic education for the girls in which 1400 students (only girls) are having their education by the grace of Allah SWT under one roof. In which 200 girls are day-scholars from nearby locality and 1200 girls are stayed within the hostel of the Jamia with all boarding facilities. The total number of teachers and staff employed to serve the Jamia are 65. By the grace of Allah SWT this year (2017), 45 girl students have successfully completed their Fazeelath and graduated.


It was one of the department of Jamia Ayisha al Islamia for Hifz e Quran. It was run with all required facilities through the dedicated and experienced huffaaz lady teachers. In 2014 it was formed as a separate organization for Hifz e Quran al Kareem and named it as MAHAD HAFSA LI TAHFEEZIL QURAN AL KAREEM. Alhamdulillah, in the current year (2017) 85 girl students are memorizing the holy Quran under the supervision of the expert and experienced teachers (4). This year (2017) seven (7) girl students completed the memorization of the Holy Quran by the grace of Allah SWT.


It is the one of the departments of Jamia tul Imam al Bukhari for memorizing the Holy Quran for boys. This Madarasa and Mahad ul uloom al islamia were started at the same time (1988). By the grace of Allah SWT, 215 students (boys) are studying now with full-fledged hostel facility in which 7 experienced huffaaz (Gents) teachers are serving this institution. This year (2017), total 20 boys have completed their memorization of the Holy Quran by grace of Allah SWT.

Call and Guidance Center

Under this department, the several activities are performed through the efficient and trained scholars. The activities are as follows, such as delivering Jumuah Khutba in Masaajid, organizing public lectures and conducting seminars in nearby areas including villages regularly. A training camp is organized every year to train the scholars to learn new skills in which expert scholars are involved to provide the training. The call and guidance work is performed through several programs and lectures especially in all relevant opportunities and Friday sermons.


Several expert scholars of Islam are employed and dedicated for answering the queries of the people from neighborhood areas related to Islam in the light of Quran and Hadith. This task is performed by them in a well-organized manner by the grace of Allah SWT. The translation, compilation and research work is done by the above team of scholars. And the staff of Jamia tul Imam al Bukhari is also utilized whenever required.

A Humble Request (Appeal)

We inform the people of Ummah that Tauheed Educational Trust (TET), Kishanganj is an excellent unit of Islamic, Educational and Social welfare organization. The TET has been performing its duties from last 29 years. TET always played a significant role in serving the nation especially orphan, needy and poor children by providing them good education and all round development facilities. Besides these, TET always stood ahead in helping widows, poor, helpless people and the victims of natural calamities. It is very clear that all these activities can only be possible by the blessings of Allah SWT. After that, with the support of the well-wishers of Islam, the people like you Masha Allah. So, we request you to support generously and strengthen your beloved organization (Tauheed Educational Trust) through your gifts, contributions, Zakat, Sadaqa tul Fitr, charity and all types of assistance. May Allah SWT accept your support and reward you with the best in both the worlds, aameen yaa rabbul aalameen.

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